Gei ba ba de xin [My Father Is A Hero] [Jet Li’s The Enforcer] (1995)

(On VHS, August 2000) Much like Jackie Chan, Jet Li alone can make an average film seem worthwhile, and that’s what happens here. More serious, dramatic, emotional and family-oriented than Mister Chan, Li here plays a policeman forced to live undercover as his wife is dying and his son yearns to find out what his dad does for a living. Plenty of rather brutal scenes (the kid gets beaten up a lot) illustrate the difference between North-American action fare and Hong Kong. Action-wise, the film stays tepid for most of its duration, only to kick up by the end (watch for the yoyo-kid fighting technique) and deliver a product that it far inferior to the excellent Fist Of Legend, but still worth a look for fans.

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