State of the Site – 2017

From 1996 to 2011, offered monthly publication of roughly eight book reviews and ten movies reviews.  This eventually averaged out to about 96 book reviews and 120 movie reviews per year… not bad for volunteer work.

Due to happy lifestyle changes, however, this rhythm started sputtering in mid-2011. By early 2012, following the birth of my daughter, I placed the site in semi-hiatus. (Slowing down on hobbies isn’t uncommon for new parents, I’m told.) Rather than to publish following a monthly quota, I found myself writing occasional book reviews when the mood struck me (roughly one per month) and jotting down shorted capsule movies reviews, posting the edited results once a year in a massive round-up. As a result, slowed but didn’t stop: While the number of book reviews is down since 2012, the number of movie reviews went up, reflecting my own preferences (some of them a result of circumstance, as in: not taking the bus anymore) for entertainment.

But while the total number of reviews is encouraging, I can’t promise regular updates for the moment.  I end up working best in batches, and while uploading 390 reviews at once isn’t a piece of cake (yes, that happened!), it kind of works better from a pure optimization perspective.  Still: I’m going to try to optimize my life back to a monthly posting schedule, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. I’ll be scribbling notes in the background and I’m giving myself excuses to not feel forced to put up content.  We’ll see how this goes.

I eventually expect to be back to a more rigorous publishing schedule whenever circumstances allow.  In the meantime, feel free to leave comments!

2 thoughts on “State of the Site – 2017

  1. Jamie Atkinson

    Well, Christian, just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your site over the years. The Alternate Hugos essay, in particular, has been extremely influential in my reading and understanding of Science Fiction. I too have gone through similar life changes but still manage to get some reading in on my lunch hour and before turning in for the night. We’ve exchanged a few emails over the years, as you’ve been kind enough to reply to my questions and comments. Do you still have aspirations of publishing a book of your own? Any thoughts on the current state of SF? The resurgence of SF movies has been exciting. I found “Arrival” to be a nice departure from the typical fare and was pleased to see it was well-received.
    At any rate, your efforts have made a difference in my life, and I remain grateful.

    1. Christian Sauvé Post author

      Hello Jamie,

      I have a few good news for you!

      1. I have a half-dozen book reviews waiting in the wings for final edit and posting on the site. I actually made an effort to disconnect from the net and read a book last month, and was reminded about the joy of doing so even if the book wasn’t so good. Expect a review shortly.

      2. I’ve got nearly a hundred movie reviews also more or less ready to post. Arrival is among them and it is a terrific film, easily one of the top ten SF movies of the past decade –and it’s been an excellent decade for SF cinema. (Plus, it’s from a French-Canadian director & crew, shot in and around Montréal) Expect the review to show up in late May — I’m attending a science-fiction convention in a week, and it’s going to take a while to get back to routine. Plus…

      3. …as of next week, you will be able to read Episode 1 of my six-part serial novel “Pax Victoriana” over at La république du Centaure. I first wrote it in 2010, as described here as “The NaNoWriMo that came closest to killing me”. It’s in French, but Google Translate is really good these days. New installments will be published every two weeks. (I’ll put a link to the entire book once it’s up.)

      4. I feel out of touch about the state of current SF as gleaned from reading books, but I still read about it and I think the field is healthy, diverse and is largely unaffected by a number of reactionary initiatives trying to make it worse. I look forward to getting back into it — the nice thing about taking a break is that by the time I get back, there will be more great books (and new authors) to read than I’ll be able to handle at first.

      It’s great hearing from you — best wishes!


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