1. Thanks for the kind words! I wanted to write a fun book, and I’m glad that it found an audience, although small, that enjoyed it.

    The COLO/NEAB dialogue is out of place. Baen is NEAB and COLO is me. We got into a philosophical exchange via email, and I proposed we work it out in the book. While I’m glad it happened, because it’s a quirky artifact in my first published novel, and contains a germ of the man who made that dream come true, it doesn’t work for me, either, at the fictive level. So it’ll be a hallmark of the first edition, assuming that there ever is a second edition.

    Thanks again!

    Warm regards,
    No longer serving, but still getting paid by the Navy to breathe . . .

    1. Thanks for the comments! It may be more than fifteen years alter, but I still remember Infectress with some affection.

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