Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Tomorrow Never Dies</strong> (1997)

(In theaters, December 1997) So this is what happened to James Bond after The Rock: A lot of action, but not much of a solid plot. Still, better than Goldeneye. Pierce Brosnan is a great James Bond. As if killer gadgets, a lovely credit sequence and a few great lines weren’t enough, we get Michelle Yeoh (pronounced Yeah-ow!) as the very best Bond girl ever. Only the fact that she does become one of “Bond’s girls” at the end undermines her role. Tomorrow Never Dies is far from being a very good Bond (Bad usage of Teri Hatcher, strange impression of “deja-vu” versus other Bond movies) but it’s as entertaining as anything we’ve come to expect from the franchise. Even spending the entire movie being half-sick standing against the rear wall of the movie theatre didn’t torpedo the experience for me.

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