1. I loved this novel, it questioned the nature of being human against an alien background… The possibility of being deconstructed… the loss of any sense of self… of what is known…
    Tricia Sullivan managed to explore meaning at the boundary of human consciousness, using AI as the vehicle…not an easy task. I loved the notion of conscious intelligence being embodied in the algae and bacteria of T’Nane, within the basic building blocks of organic life. This book earned its award ten times over with a capacity to take the reader outside the box of their conditioned thought processes.

    1. Given that the review was written sixteen years ago, I’m sure that I’d like the book a lot more today than I did back then.

  2. Hmmm… time and the net… Brings a whole new level of meaning to Reader Response Theory 😉

    1. Given that this site is now celebrating its twentieth anniversary, I’ve been thinking a bit too much about the perils and profits of having dumped my opinions on-line for two decades. The dirty secret of biblio-blogging is that it’s more often about the blogger than the books, and none of us thinks exactly the same thing twenty (or ten, or five) years later. I have started re-reading once-favorite novels that I’m now finding quite a bit less favorite, while I’m finding some worth in other works that once seemed so insipid. So it goes. Reader Response Criticism is real!

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