Street Fighter (1994)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Street Fighter</strong> (1994)

(On TV, June 1999) In this era of silly big-budget high-profile movies without a shred of redeeming value, there’s something to be said about a silly cheap B-movie that knows exactly what it is. (It does star Jean-Claude Van Damme…) Writer/Director Stephen de Souza isn’t as clever as he thinks he is (and could have done much better anyway), but adults and kids alike can watch Street Fighter without too much embarrassment. A few good one-liners, and some visual gags (like Kylie Minogue’s Cammy progressively evolving from straight-laced British major to blue-latex videogame heroine) pepper this rather enjoyable-in-a-silly-way film. A shame that Raul Julia’s career had to end with this. Oh, and Ming-Na Wen is… er… wow… Is it any wonder I’m developing an Asian fetish?

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