Clerks (1994)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Clerks</strong> (1994)

(On VHS, December 1999) Almost certainly the most technically inept film I’ve ever seen. And, unlike some B-movie reviews, this is no mere hyperbole: Clerks was shot for under $30,000 at the writer/director Kevin Smith’s workplace, financed by his credit cards and starring almost complete non-actors. It’s in grainy black and white film stock, with static camera setups and almost no editing to speak of. And yet… this is one of the funniest, most well-written comedy you’re likely to see in any given year. Raunchy (the film was originally rated NC-17 on subject matter and language alone) but incredibly witty vignettes pepper a film that’s fully a cut over the mindless polished comedies that Hollywood churns out. Marilyn Ghigliotti is wonderful in one of the lead roles. Give this one a try and don’t be put off by the slow start.

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