Office Killer (1997)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Office Killer</strong> (1997)

(On VHS, August 2000) This thriller shows some promise at first, with its visually interesting credits sequence and a growing sense of impending doom. Unfortunately, the murders stop making sense by the third one (the first two are respectively accidental and self-preservation, but the girl scouts were no threat. It gets sillier after that. There’s even one “surprise” victim whose body just turns up at the end without even a mention of the murder.) and the concept of the mousy copygirl being a serial killer doesn’t have much charm after a few minutes. With no sense of enjoyment, the low-budget production values and the claustrophobic directing (far too many character shots are framed “inside” other objects) really start to grate. After that, things degenerate quickly (it is a fairly short film) in this type of “evil goes unpunished” film that really gets tiresome once you’ve celebrated your fifteenth birthday and seen dozens of these films. There’s usually an excellent reason why these films go straight to video; they’re just not very good!

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