Dirty Work (1998)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Dirty Work</strong> (1998)

(On TV, December 2001) The best thing you can say about this film is it’s not nearly as bad as what you can expect. It’s an ideal comedic premise, really; a business where people pay to exact revenge on hated ones? Works for me, and it sure works for the gags. There are plenty of worse comedies starring Saturday Night Live alumni, and Dirty Work manages to sneak in a few good scenes and a few more good lines. (“Bet you didn’t count on my loyal army of prostitutes!”) Add many extra points if, like me, you like Norm MacDonald’s style of deadpan sarcastic comedy. The fish/shootout scene is quite good. Dirty Work‘s not a classic, but it might pleasantly surprise you on a late evening.

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