Philadelphia Experiment II (1993)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Philadelphia Experiment II</strong> (1993)

(On VHS, December 2001) I borrowed this video by mistake as I thought I was actually renting the original The Philadelphia Experiment. My mistake, in more ways than one; this straight-to-video sequel is just boring. Not much happens, and whatever happens doesn’t make much sense. It’s not an awful concept (Nazis win WW2 when a nuclear-armed Stealth fighter is sent back in time and falls in their hands), and fans of alternate histories will be pleased at some of the details, but the rest is of such illogic (yeah, let’s experiment on a nuclear-armed plane!) that it’s hard to take seriously. Marjean Holden is cute, but she hasn’t done much since. Not bad as much as it’s featureless, The Philadelphia Experiment will do nothing to change your mind about straight-to-video releases.

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