1. I read this book long ago too, and was disappointed with the search results available. They’ve just announced the potential for LNG distribution where I’m from, so it came to mind.

    1. Thanks for writing, AC.

      Amusingly enough, I once found excerpts of my review cited wihtout attribution in PR documents prepared for the LNG industry. (Try Googling the most alarmist snippets of the review –maybe the document is still indexed.)

  2. Cleaned out my desk at work last month and am just now going through the box of
    personal stuff I had collected over the years ( 40 ) and I found a copy of a search I had done on Amazon for this book in 2001. I had read this book many years prior and was wanting to re-read it. I work in the propane industry and as such, propane is somewhat similar,
    except that propane boils at -41 degrees, not the -260 degrees for methane. Back than I wasn’t able to track down a copy, but will try looking again. The way the cloud moved and behaved was very similar to propane, although would dissipate faster.

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