The Mummy (1999)

<strong class="MovieTitle">The Mummy</strong> (1999)

(Second viewing, On DVD, April 2002) Good, fast, action-packed fun. A wonderful lead-couple in the pure pulp/serials tradition. Bliss! Subsequent viewings tend to lessen the silliness and leave a greater place to the pure enjoyment of the piece. The “ultimate edition” DVD is a keeper, with the usual special-effects clips, a self-deprecating commentary track (discussing difficult extras and how tight editing leads to stupid plot-holes) and oodles of other features.

(In theaters, May 1999) What can I say? You either enter the theatre with adequate expectations or you gnash your teeth during two hours. In the right frame of mind, this can be a wonderful, swashbuckling adventure. Fun for the whole family as most of the death and horror takes place off-screen in a very un-gory way. Don’t expect a horror movie! Brendan Fraser is a good two-fisted action hero, though his characters loses a lot of its initial edge by the end of the movie. It’s not that The Mummy is without flaws (gawd, that script leaves plot-holes all over the place!), but it’s that with most people, they simply won’t matter. Even the uneasy mixture of low-grade horror, adventure and comedy has its charm. The Mummy is just a lot of fun, and the epitome of a good, stupid summer movie.

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