Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Three Days Of The Condor</strong> (1975)

(On TV, April 2002) There have been, um, a lot of conspiracy films released over the past twenty-five years, but even today, the granddaddy of them all, The Three Days Of The Condor, still manages to packs some punch. For one thing, it plays everything very straight, as if no one up to that point had ever seen a conspiracy thriller (which they often hadn’t, to think of it). For another, it features Robert Redford as a bookish, but fiercely smart protagonist, who reacts in a way that viewers can only cheer for. Good plot twists follow, mixed with clever manoeuvres from both sides. Though unshakably set in the mid-seventies, this film survives admirably well as a period piece. It concludes on a meanly effective monologue that still resonates a quarter of a century later.

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