Duct Tape Forever aka The Red Green Show: The Movie (2002)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Duct Tape Forever</strong> aka  <strong class="MovieTitle">The Red Green Show: The Movie</strong> (2002)

(On DVD, December 2002) Fans of the CBC show probably know what to expect, but even if they’re really indulgent, chances are that they’ll be disappointed by this feature-film adaptation of Steve Smith’s comedy genius. For one thing, the TV show depends on a very rigid formula that is impossible to translate in a movie. For another, the film relies on a very classical structure that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s seen a film where underdogs win a contest. There aren’t nearly enough displays of mechanic cleverness that made the reputation of the show. Some moments are pretty dumb. The conclusion grates. And yet, fans of the show will get to see their favorite characters act outside the TV box for a while, against a moving camera and a three-dimensional environment. As far as Canadian comedies of 2002 go, Men With Brooms still rule, but Duct Tape Forever is okay. If you want. I guess.

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