1. Yeah, I’m reading it now and man, is it an ordeal. I’m finding myself just skimming through it at this point, wanting to get it down as quickly as possible; there’s so much melodramatic pose that I can’t understand what the hell is going on half the time. I’ve read books and stories from the 17-century that are easier to grasp. This book is from goddamn 1991! You’d think the authors would know about 20-century English!

    Reading this book just made me wish I were watching ‘Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster’; it’s more entertaining and I’m able to take it just as seriously.

    1. To be fair, there are a few entertaining moments in it. You’d think that my review was an unmitigated pan, but one of the authors (on a previous version of their web sites –now offline) had managed to carefully excerpt snippets of it to make it look as if I had given it a thumbs-up. It was an admirable lesson in selective editing from a pro writer, and I’m sorry to see that it’s now gone from the Internet.

    2. This is among my scariest five books I’ve ever read. The first time I experienced it I couldn’t sleep for a week. Climate change doesn’t hold a candle to a toxic waste monster that destroys the world in a week. The scariest thing is that the basic premise is true: people dump poison everywhere — it could bite off your ass a hell of a lot worse than a glacier that might melt a bit over thirty years. Excellent horror, almost too well-to-do eat your heart out, Greta.

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