The School Of Rock (2003)

<strong class="MovieTitle">The School Of Rock</strong> (2003)

(In theaters, October 2003) Who would have thought that a rock musical set in a prep school could end up being one of 2003’s most family-friendly film? The beauty of The School Of Rock‘s success is not how well it fits a typical inspirational tale around a rock comedy, but how it takes a rock comedy (about “sticking it to The Man”) and sets it in a class of ten-years-old. Jack Black is flawless as the lead in this film, with plenty of bright moments as he struts his stuff (watch for a few long takes in which he manages to do, well, almost everything). But the kids are an integral part of this film’s success as it manages to juggle nearly a dozen secondary characters without forgetting any of them. While I wasn’t completely taken by the first half of the film (stories of deceptive identities just annoy me), it just keeps building until the very last moment, and by the time the last big concert rolls around, The School Of Rock isn’t anything less than adorable.

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