1. Hi Christian

    Thank you for this wonderfully scathing review. I am NOT a science-ficianado (my neologism for the day!) but was willing to give Mr Kerr a go on the strength of his enjoyable Bernie Gunther series. I skip read The Grid a few days ago, and found it mildly entertaining, but I’ve changed my mind about trying any other Kerrs – for now. There are so many really good books out there, why waste precious time on dross?


    1. Hi Robin,

      I’ve heard good things about the Bernie Gunter series as well, but as far as SF-tinged thrillers are concerned, I’m zero-out-of-three for Kerr with A Philosophical Investigation, The Grid and The Second Angel. I suppose he has his fans, and that’s fine –I’m just not among them. There are, as you say, so many other good books out there!

  2. I had just read this book (picked it up from a book sale) and I agree with what you say. I hated the narration and footnotes and mostly skimmed through them. While I could understand most of it due to my background in microbiology, I thought that they were unnecessary. Sometimes I felt like it was there (and the othe lengthy scientific explanations) to increase his page count. Or maybe it was there to overwhelm people so readers could hang on to his every word like it was the absolute truth.

    I didn’t catch on to all of the mistakes but I did notice some of them. Overall it was a confusing read. Towards the end, I practically skipped most of the narration and just read the dialogues. The simulation pages was just painful. I think I totally skipped thise to be honest. And yes, that is where it suddenly went from scifi to fantasy (or supernatural?) I’ve heard of hair going white because of trauma but only in anime and never on a book that’s bombarding you with scientific words.

    1. You summarized it better than I could: “a book that’s bombarding you with scientific words” really isn’t the same thing as a science-fiction novel, let alone a good one.

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