Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Airplane II: The Sequel</strong> (1982)

(Third viewing, On DVD, May 2005) If even you happen to watch this film right after its prequel, you will be shocked -shocked!- at how many gags are lifted wholesale from the first film. This may not be a surprise when you consider that none of the guiding lights of the original signed on to do the sequel: When in doubt, the apprentice steal from the masters. The plot is just a touch more coherent and the production values are obviously superior to the original, but many of the jokes are repeated quasi verbatim and there’s an odd calculation to the entire production that makes it surprisingly artificial. Still extremely funny, of course, but do yourself a favour, and avoid too-close contact with the original. The DVD, sadly enough, is a bare-bones edition: Wouldn’t you love an audio commentary by William Shatner?

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