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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the book because the storyline was somewhat detailed in the vein of the late atom Clancy, but the main characters were much more human and believable (and not quasi-elitist).

    It was a bit slow, but I prefer this story over many of the later Jack Ryan novels (and I’m a HUGE fan of the majority of that series). I realize it will almost certainly never happen, but I’d much rather see this made into a movie than watch the recent adaptations (still believe Alec Baldwin and the original movie were the best adapted versions) of Clancy works.

    It’s much more limited in scope than what Clancy wrote, but more engaging. I liken it somewhat to Cardinal, which is one of my top 3 Clancy works, as it takes time to get moving, but is quite intense and intriguing.

    It’s fiction, it’s a military techno-thriller, still resonates today given the fundamental Islamic issue (in comparisonto/contrast to the Cold War era that Ludlum, Clancy et al write about so convincingly), involves much with submarines which are mysterious to outsiders so naturally I loved the book.

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