1. I read his newest novel “A time for Patriots” and I did hope this is a different. Although still askew, with the approach to the main character to today’s reality; I still feel Dale Brown is in a SyFy fantasy about a cold war battle that isn’t remotely close in today’s reality.

    I dwelled into some earlier novels about this “American Apocalypse” and the American Space Defense force…. and I found no appetite for the series, nor the main character again.

    Well; it is Fiction.

    1. Six years after writing that review, I’m no more inclined to pick up any of Brown’s most recent novels. Sad, really, because he was one of the top techno-thriller authors back in the late eighties. So it goes; a number of authors have their time in the sun and then, for reasons no one can explain, can’t reach those peaks ever again.

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