Les Aimants [Love And Magnets] (2004)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Les Aimants</strong> [<strong class="MovieTitle">Love And Magnets</strong>] (2004)

(On DVD, June 2006) Subtle yet intricate, this romantic comedy manages to weave an impressive number of sub-themes and tangled subplots in only 90 minutes. Serendipity reigns supreme in this tale of crossed identities, lost messages, misleading appearances and tangled characters. Yves Pelletier’s script contains plenty of artistic references to new-age beliefs, theremin playing, and Vermeer paintings (including a visual nod to “The Girl With a Pearl Earring”, thanks to Isabelle Blais’ uncanny resemblance) After a sputtering start, the film finds its way once all the characters are introduced and rolls along until a conclusion that leaves a few characters hanging by the wayside. Fortunately, the images are top-notch, and the actors all do a good job. (Plus, hey, there’s a small role for Isabelle Cyr.) Quiet but satisfying, Les Aimants is a little surprise even for those who follow the French-Canadian movie scene.

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