1. It is so unfair that both the Rideau Centre and World Exchange Plaza cinemas closed down within 9 months. I am so sorry that the Place de Ville podium buidling cinemas were left abandoned for more than 17 years. Instead of constructing a 19 storey buidling, I think that they should make an effort in fixing the elevator and escalator and installing new seats and screens at the Place de Ville podium building. In my opinion, they should have one movie theater opened downtown.

    1. True enough. It’s impossible to walk downtown without seeing a virtual graveyard of former movie theater locations. Reading Miguelez’s book, it’s shocking to realize that for the first time in nearly a hundred years (Imperial Theatre opened in 1914, World Exchange closed in 2013), there is no place to see a movie somewhere between Wellington, Bronson, Gladstone and Elgin.

      Mind you, I’m part of the problem: I saw 185 movies last year, and only two of them in theaters (neither of which in Ottawa). Habits change…

  2. Meantime, one of my more recent cinema outings was to the Bytowne to catch Particle Fever. And I live in the east end, outside the Greenbelt.

    It’s paradoxical. More residential housing being raised up across Centretown, the ByWard Market, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, old Stewarton, and the Glebe…which ought to translate into good reasons to keep these more centrally located cinema houses in place…and it doesn’t translate properly.

    1. Hi Dwight! Now that I don’t take the bus, I haven’t spoken to you in a long time!

      As much as I loathe to admit it, I’m becoming convinced that the era of the small movie theater is gone. Most new housing contains a home theater that is “good enough” for casual movie-going (more than good enough if one considers the inconvenience factor of theaters), while on-demand distribution of nearly-new releases (though internet, fiber or cable) is a near-standard as well. As wide-release movies have shifted to a very specific form of spectacle, the suburban-cineplex model makes more sense than the one-screen local cinema.

      I’m a case in point: now that I have a good cable package with premium movie channels, I see more movies than ever before, in a variety of genres and tone and quality… and I’m quite a bit happier as a cinephile than when I saw 50-75 movies in theaters per year. I occasionally miss seeing the latest big release, but then I just have to wait 3-4 months and it pops up on-demand.

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