Flawless (2007)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Flawless</strong> (2007)

(In-flight, August 2008) The easy pun here is that Flawless isn’t, but it’s actually more difficult than one would expect to find explicit flaws with this heist film. The most one can say is that the film is duller than it ought to be, what with a look at swinging sixties London in which a diamond company executive (Demi Moore, back after a lengthy absence) conspires with a knowledgeable janitor (Michael Caine, as good as ever) to rob a few diamonds off the vaults of their mutual employer. Alas, the action is all low-key, and the period details never seem to cohere. Moore herself is bland in a role that could have been handled by anyone else, while the film itself never has any fun at all. While the plot developments are enough to hold anyone’s attention, there isn’t much to process once the credits roll. At best, it’s a competent heist thriller that pays attention to its characters and satisfies the indulgent viewer. But it’s hard to avoid feeling that it could have been much better.

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