1. I agree with this review. I’m enjoying the book quite a bit, and wondering why it never did get made into a movie. I’m curious to know if this book played any part in the development of the much larger nanites of Stargate fame. In any case, even with the treatment of nanites in Stargate having stolen the thunder of this book’s potential as a movie, I think it would still make an awesome movie.

    1. I never really watched Stargate, but there’s enough prior art regarding self-replicating nanotechnology in written science-fiction that I’m not losing sleep over who influenced whom.

      Amusingly enough, while checking what John Robert Marlow’s been up to lately (when’s the second novel?), I found that he’s currently promoting his newest book, Make Your Story a Movie, and that he recently “closed his first Hollywood script deal”. The Nano movie may not be too far away after all…

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