1. James Marsden is a national treasure ! He has given us a series of books which are thought provoking and inspiring .
    I thought that the film was going to be painful to watch and I could not have been more wrong .
    The scenery alone reminds us of the abundant beauty in our back yards . It is no small wonder that Australians are taking Hollywood over ; the cast of TWTWB gave stellar performances !

    1. Hello Heather,

      I enjoyed watching the film while I was in Australia –I hope the film eventually finds a North American audience, even if it’s through streaming or video on demand (The only way to legally see the film in America at the moment seems to be by importing the expensive Blu-Ray version.) Looking around, I also see that a second and third installment have been announced for 2012-2013. Not bad!

  2. The author of the ‘Tomorrow’ series is actually John Marsden, and there are actually seven books in the series (not including the ‘Ellie Chronicles’). While I enjoyed the film, the novels are ten times more interesting and imaginative.

    1. Thanks for the corrections; I have modified the review text in consequence.

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