1. This is a great review of HOT STUFF–in that it measures the book against its purpose of providing a lighthearted yet interesting guide through the disco era of the 1970s.

    You tweak the author (i.e., me) as needed (“even if the book sometimes feels like a contractual obligation by a writer looking to pay the bills in-between more weighty projects”). But I laughed out loud because you obviously “got it”!!

    As you point out, HOT STUFF wasn’t meant to be a scholarly work (unlike Victory Deferred, which is just out in late 2011 in a new updated edition–check out http://www.victorydeferred.com).

    And as you also point out, the disco era gave the world not just great dance music–but it also inspired that four-on-the-floor beat that Lady Gaga and Ke$ha and others know is sure to get everyone shakin’ their booties (and buying their records).

    Good times…even in the bad times. That’s what “disco” was about.

    1. A good book about good times dancing to good music… what more could anyone ask for?

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