Youth in Revolt (2009)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Youth in Revolt</strong> (2009)

(On Cable TV, February 2012) Teen comedies starring Michael Cera may look the same, but they’re not always the same.  Exception made of the superlative Scott Pilgrim, Youth in Revolt is a bit better than the others: Cera can here depend on a clever script and an amusing “evil personae” plot device to extend his typical screen presence beyond the usual, and the film can be surprisingly unexpected at times.  The story of a dweebish young teenager trying to win over a girl while acting as delinquently as possible, Youth in Revolt distinguishes itself though witty dialogue, unexpected turns, full characterization and oddball details –it particularly flips over a number of teen-movie plot devices in showing dastardly plans blowing up in the protagonist’s face, doesn’t pander to empty morality and uses a wider vocabulary in its witty dialogue than most other similar teen movies.  While Youth in Revolt can’t escape a certain amount of aimlessness in its plotting, it makes up for it with a good conclusion and a clever use of some actors.  It’s off-beat enough to fit within the Juno frame of reference, but not derivative enough to be stuck in it.  Give it a try, especially if you think you’ve reached the end of your tolerance for the Cera personae.

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