1. Thank you for the spoilers in this review. I read the first two books in the Trilogy, but just couldn’t bring myself to read the third. But wanted to know how it ended, and now I’m glad I didn’t invest the time to read the third. The entire premise was difficult to accept; that upon an apocalypse where all technology was basically destroyed and billions of people dead, everybody seems to adjust and go on about their lives, only now appreciating canned soup that much more, and having to get their news in print form. The entire political conflict was ridiculous. Marshal Law would have been imposed, there would’ve have been no political debate.

    Now that I know how the trilogy ended, in wish I never read the first two.

    1. I’m glad to have been of service. John Barnes consciously aims to upset his readers, but he shouldn’t be surprised if that willingness to make readers uncomfortable has consequences…

  2. When I got to the bit where what’s left of our heroes sit around and recpount all the stupid mistakes they made that brought them to their defeat, I wished I’d stopped reading at least two books prior.

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