1. I think a re-watch or re-read will almost invariably lead to a different perspective on the story. Once we understand the trick we start looking for where the magician misdirected our attention the first time around instead of simply enjoying the experience. Still, I found your insights into the book’s shortcomings interesting but as someone who hasn’t read it yet I wasn’t in encouraged to pick it up any time soon. Just my thoughts.

    1. For someone who almost never re-read books, I have spent a surprising fraction of my reading time last year tackling old favorites and I now find re-reading fascinating for what it tells us about ourselves.

      As for The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I think that its interest (like all of Heinlein’s books) is getting more historical than absolute –anyone interested in the history of Science Fiction should definitely read it, but anyone else can probably spend their time reading more current examples of the genre.

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