RRRrrrr!!! (2004)

<strong class="MovieTitle">RRRrrrr!!!</strong> (2004)

(In French, On DVD, February 2015)  Some movies are just stupid, and some movies are just stupid enoughRRRrrrr!!! falls in the second category so perfectly that it’s not a stretch to say that it’s worth seeing because it’s so unashamedly bone-headed.  Taking place in prehistoric time, this French comedy film purports to tell the story of the first serial killer and the creation of the concept of criminal investigation.  What we do get along the way are a number of set-pieces built to evoke simple-minded silliness.  I caught myself laughing even when I didn’t want to, almost astonished at the film’s willingness to reach for the most ridiculous jokes available.  Director Alain Chabat is a veteran comic filmmaker, and he doesn’t miss a trick.  RRRrrrr!!! will either work or not; I found myself chuckling thirty seconds in at a cheap joke (“This isn’t their story.”) and never quite stopped, but I can see how other people may not react the same way.  One word of warning: The Region-1 DVD (Quebec) doesn’t have subtitles in any language, making it occasionally hard to follow unless you fluently understand idiomatic European French.

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