Bee Movie (2007)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Bee Movie</strong> (2007)

(Netflix Streaming, August 2015) Bee Movie may be a silly animated comedy more or less aimed at younger viewers, it does feature a few twists and turns that few will see coming.  Starting out as the story of rebellious bee who aims to go beyond the strict confine of his society, Bee Movie spends a bit of time laughing at anthropomorphised bees before somehow ending in court as bees sue humanity.  Then it’s off to saving the biosphere with pollination.  It does feel a bit disconnected at times, and the anthropomorphisation of bees as a comic device often creates more incoherent nonsense than laughs, but Bee Movie at least gives it a fair shot.  There are a few good laughs along the way, a few cute cultural references, quite a bit of Seinfeldian humor along the way (considering the Jerry Seinfeld is the star voice actor and a producer/writer of the film) and some of the visuals sequences are pretty good.  Nearly ten years later, Bee Movie hasn’t left much of a mark, but it’s not such a bad film –I if anything else, it’s a bit less predictable than most animated comedies of recent vintage. 

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