Just Married (2003)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Just Married</strong> (2003)

(On TV, August 2015) Mix the mismatched-couple trope with the ugly-American tourist clichés and suddenly you’ve got Just Married, a rather dispiriting “comedy” in which a likable newly-wed couple sees their relationship disintegrate into loathing during their European honeymoon.  Starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy, it’s not much than an average broad comedy film with plot points so unlikely as to court disbelief.  It’s all about laughing at European countries, misunderstandings and humiliation… the kind of thing that plays better to a younger or less demanding crowd.  For everyone else, the film does work in isolated moments, either as chaos engulfs the couple or they confront unexpected developments.  Still, it’s a good thing that we’re virtually assured of a happy ending, because otherwise the film would be quite a bit harder to watch through the progressive fighting.  Insubstantial by design, purposefully unsophisticated, Just Married is just good enough to entertain, but nothing more.

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