The Wedding Ringer (2015)

<strong class="MovieTitle">The Wedding Ringer</strong> (2015)

(On Cable TV, October 2015)  I remain astonished at Kevin Hart’s gift in consistently transforming what would be an obnoxious persona into solid comedy gold.  In The Wedding Ringer, for instance, he takes up a hustler role specializing in grand-scale deception and somehow makes it funny.  The basic plot has something to do with faking best men for a groom without much of a social life, but the real point of the film are the comic set-pieces, the characters, and seeing Kevin Hart speak as fast as possible.  It shouldn’t work (and, at times, it doesn’t) but Hart is at his best and manages to elevate the rest of the material.  Compared to him, most other actors are a bit dull, including Josh Gad as the nominal lead of the story.  Some plot points are fuzzy (such as the overheard conversation that crystallizes the film’s ending, which barely makes sense) but the set-pieces are fun.  There isn’t much more to say about the film: It’s fun, hits more or less the right spot for anyone expecting that kind of comedy and it even pays itself a short homage to The Usual Suspects.  That could have gone much worse. 

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