Wolf Creek (2005)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Wolf Creek</strong> (2005)

(Netflix Streaming, November 2015) I should just stop trying to watch psycho-killer horror movies.  They annoy me more than anything else, and I loathe them so much that I can’t even appreciate the so-called strengths of the genre.  Australian escapee Wolf Creek, for instance, may not be a terrible film as far as psycho-killer horror movies are concerned: it features a truly detestable antagonist, stark realistic cinematography, harrowing sequences and stripped-down plotting.  Unfortunately, that’s all in service of things I don’t want to see.  I don’t want to see two women horribly pursued and killed (while the male victim escapes)   I’m not interested in endless shots of the Australian desert while fifteen minutes’ worth of plot is stretched over more than an hour.  I’ve had my fill of psycho-killers murdering young people for the thrill of it.  I’m even less looking forward to yet another by-the-number bloodbath with no clear theme, meaning or shred of humanity.  The PG-rating of these reviews forces me to reach for the much-diluted “Darn this movie, darn it all to hell” in labelling Wolf Creek, but be assured that I think much worse of it.  If nothing else, it cuts short this review, so that I can stop thinking about the film.

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