Kiss the Girls (1997)

<strong class="MovieTitle">Kiss the Girls</strong> (1997)

(Netflix Streaming, December 2015) Being slightly better than the average may be a compliment, but it isn’t much of one.  It’s a wonder than anyone even remembers Kiss the Girls nearly twenty years later given how generic it can be at times: I may have reached my limit of how many psycho-killer-targets-young-women films I can stand, and Kiss the Girls is definitely an entirely average example of the sub-genre.  At least the film can depend on Morgan Freeman (with darker hair and a bit more energy than today) and Ashley Judd to give the film a bit of interest, as well as a second-act escape that makes the film more interesting than most similar ones.  Otherwise, the story meanders a bit, goes on for too long, manages to end in the most predictable fashion and doesn’t make itself memorable in any way.  There’s a bit of competence in the cinematography, but much of Kiss the Girls is dull in the ways movies about quasi-magical serial killers can be, going over familiar ground in the most exasperating fashion.  While Kiss the Girls gets a few extra points here and there, they’re not enough to make the film worth visiting.

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