Guess what?  I like to write.  Here’s my contribution to the hundred-million-typing-monkeys anarchy of the Web.  As ever, everything here is property of Christian Sauvé, ask before stealing, yadda-yadda-yadda. You’re welcome.

1. A Few Reviews

When a few reviews eventually become more than four hundred pages of reviews, it’s time to move them to their own section.

2. Science Fiction

You either love it or you don’t…

3. Movies!

Moving pictures producing unmemorable words. Don’t miss my movie reviews section, as well as my film criticism primer.

4. NaNoWriMo Blogs

Is it possible to write a novel in thirty days? Why, yes. Is it possible to write a good novel in thirty days? Um, no.

5. Travel

I’m not much of a tourist, but here’s what I got:

6. Random Stuff…

Some writings that don’t fit anywhere else.

  • Losing Weight: Yes you can! I did, and it was fun!
  • Laser Vision: One geek’s less-than-perfect experience with laser eye surgery.
  • The Amazon Bookmarklets: A fun tool for bibliophiles.
  • Being Canadian: An essay of the joys and pride of being a Canadian citizen.
  • If you can read French, you can (in addition of being able to read French) read more of my writings on the French version of my Web Site.

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