Travel Log: Australasia 2010 Travel Photos

Travel Log: Australasia 2010 Travel Photos

For the narrative, read the Australasia 2010 Travel Log (Also: Part 2).

Day 1 – From Ottawa to Auckland via Vancouver and Sydney

The Vancouver Airport International Departure Lounge
Aboard AC033 - Our view for 15 hours.
Karine asleep as the sun rises - After half a day in a plane
A very brief glimpse of Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Opera House as we land
Finally in Auckland after 23:40 hours of flight in roughly 30 hours (We haven't really slept in 40).

Day 2 – Auckland

Downtown Auckland as seen from across the bay
Port installations in Auckland, as seen from the bay
Auckland Marina, as seen from the Skytower
Auckland's Skytower seen at night
I could probably explain this picture, but it wouldn't be as funny

Day 3 – From Auckland to Wellington by train

All aboard: Departing Auckland for the 12-hours train ride to Wellington
Sheep, sheep, everywhere the eye can see
We get to see quite a bit of the Northern Island countryside
Middle of the day, middle of nowhere: National Park lunch stop
A highlight of the day: Crossing high above a river and seeing our own shadow

Day 4 – Wellington

Hotel welcome sign for the Au Contraire! SF convention
The "Beehive" - One of New Zealand's parliament buildings.
At the Wellington Public Library, an example of French-Canadian culture.
"Tripod" - a sculpture by WETA studios celebrating the film industry
A Maori structure inside the "Te Papa" museum

Day Five – From Wellington to Sydney

One last look at Wellington. To the lower-right, the round stadium where much of the 2011 World Rugby Cup will be played. It's next to the commercial port. Downtown Wellington is more or less the middle of the picture.
A look at downtown Sydney, from the popular Darling Harbour area.
Downtown Waterside Sydney, as seen from the Opera House
The sunny side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, plus a speedboat.
The moment you've been waiting for: The Sydney Opera House, with a tallship as a bonus.

Day Six – Grand Sydney Tour

Sydney Habour Bridge (again)
Sydney Opera House and downtown (again)
Surfers at Bondi Beach
Amazed kids at the Sydney Aquarium
When you stare into the eyes of the devil, the devil stares into your soul.

Day Seven: West of Sydney

Koala (left) and Karine (right)
The Three Sisters rock formation; Blue mountains in the background
A look at the Scenic World Skycar. Not pictured: the chasm below.
A tiny glimpse at the treasures of the Teapot Museum
Downtown Sydney at night, from the Sydney Tower. Harbour Bridge top-middle.

Day 8 – Wednesday, September 1st – To Melbourne!

In Downtown Sydney: A look at Strand's Arcade
Aboard Quantas 461. Notice advertisement for Bose noise-canceling headphones in lower-center.
Aboard Airport Shuttle, unidentified woman reflects against rainy downtown Melbourne backdrop.
Bumblebee LRT versus dark tower.
Downtown Melbourne at night

Day 9 – In Melbourne!

Blue, purple and white flowers at the Fitzroy Consergvatory
Public Art in docklands: Square cow in tree
Downtown Melbourne as seen from Docklands
Downtown Melbourne: Tram and The Clocks at Flinders Street Station
Downtown Melbourne reflected in the Yarro River at night

Day 10 – Melbourne/Worldcon

Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium
A few public bikes available for use in Melbourne
George Ivanoff, John Scalzi and Cory Doctorow at -Making a Living: Professional Writing for Speculative Fiction Authors- panel
Two male human skeletons ($7000 each) at the wunderbar Wunderkammer store.
Things to do when you want a break at a Worldcon: Read a good book!

Day 11 – Melbourne/Worldcon

Bee art at the base of the Eureka Tower
Worldcon exhibit: A table full of Hugo Awards: Touch a Hugo if you want!
Worldcon dealers
In front of the Victoria State Library: St George slaying a dragon.
Melbourne riverside at rainy dusk.

Day 12 – Melbourne/Worldcon

Ah, let me explain how much I love this photo for all it says about Melbourne: A tropical tree for climate, Queen Victoria for the British influence, the spire of the Victoria Arts Center for culture, and the Eureka Tower for business and modernity.
Detail of the Floral Clock in the Botanical Garden.
Purple-haired goth-girls and inflatable Daleks: Just another day at the Worldcon.
Temporary electronic glory!
Hugo nominees and winners

Day 13 – Great Ocean Road

Cook Point Lookout
Surf waves at Bells Beach
Two of the remaining eight Apostles
Down at the Beach (Twelve Apostles Park, Gibsons Stairs)
Beachcombing at Port Campbell (Hand model: Karine)

Day 14 – Back to Sydney

The Harbour Bridge, as glimpsed from boats docked at Circular Quay
Back to the Sydney Opera House
A close look at the Sydney Opera House tiling
The Sydney Tower at dusk
Monorail! Shiny Monorail!

Day 15 – The long way back home

Welcome to Air Canada Cattle Class. Mooo!

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