Travel: Vancouver 2007 Travel Notes

Welcome to Vancouver

[Photos for now; travel notes to be added later]

In October 2007, I traveled to Vancouver on my way to the local VCON Science FIction convention. This is a short impressionistic report based on a few hours spent in the city.

A warning: They don’t call the area “Raincouver” for nothing: From Thursday noon to Tuesday morning, I saw the sun exactly four times. As a result, you will find that most of the pictures below are a bit… wet and flat.

Airport Terminal under the rain
Arrival at Vancouver airport: “Welcome to Vancouver, sir: Here’s the pouring rain you expected.”


Richmond: Aberdeen Mall ENtrance
Aberdeen Mall, Richmond.

Richmond: Canada Line Construction in front of Lansdown Mall
Canada Line construction in front of Lansdown Mall, Richmond.

Richmond: Canada Line Construction in front of Radisson Hotel
Canada Line construction in front of Radisson hotel, Richmond.

Richmond: Chinese/English storefront
Typical Richmond storefront. Note relative size of signs.

Downtown Vancouver

ion Center
Construction in downtown: Convention Center.

Construction: Canada Line Excavation
Construction in downtown: Canada Line station.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery, with clock counting down to the 2010 Olympics

Burrard Street
The Lookout, seen from Burrard Street

Downtown from The Lookout
Downtown Vancouver, as seen from The Lookout

Rush Hour in Vancouver
Rush hour in Vancouver, seen from Granville Bridge

Science Place
Science Plaza

Skyline, from Vancouver North
Vancouver downtown skyline, as seen from North Vancouver

Vancouver Public Library
Outside the Vancouver Public Library

Inside the Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver Public Library Atrium

Around downtown Vancouver

Entrance to Chintatown
Chinatown entrance

Vancouver at dusk
False dusk over False Creek

Gastown, West Cordova Street

Gastown: The Steam Clock
Gastown, Steam Clock

Docks on Granville Island
Docks at the Granville Island, looking at False Creek

Granville Island Entrance
Granville Island entrance

Inside the Granville Island Public Market
Inside the Granville Island Public Market

Agressive Pigeons at the Granville Public Market
Agressive pigeons at the Granville Island Public Market.

Vancouver Skytrain
Skytrain: Waterfront station (terminal)

Burrard Inlet & Vancouver Port

Vancouver North Port
Crow’s-eye view of the North Vancouver portuary installation. The yellow mounds are piles of sulphur.

Vancouver Port as seen from Lookout
Burrard Inlet portuary Installation and , as seen from The Lookout

HMAS Sydney docked at Canada Place
HMAS Sydney, temporarily docked at Canada Place

Seabus and Port
Portuary installation and Seabus

Inside the Seabus
Supercargo ship as seen from the Seabus.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park from the Lookout
Stanley Park as seem from The Lookout.

Lion's Gate Bridge Throught the Fog
Lion’s Gate Bridge in the fog.

English bay seen from Prospect Point
English Bay as seen from Prospect Point.

Quays near Stanley park
Docks near Stanley Park.

Seaplane landing Stanley Park
Seaplane landing near Stanley Park.

Seawall walkway at Stanley Park
Seawall leading to the Lion’
s Gate Bridge.

Cargo Ships near Stanley Park
Typical scene in Stanley Park, with supercargo ships waiting in English Bay.

Kept Area of Stanely Park
A well-kept area of Stanley Park

Unkept are of Stanley Park
A wilder area of Stanley Park. Damage from the storms of 2006 are still obvious.

Jellyfish at the Aquarium
Jellyfish exhibit at the Aquarium

Vancouver from the Air
A rare sunny moment… as I’m leaving by plane. Vancouver North at the top; Stanley park is the forested island at the upper-left; the high-rise buildings are downtown Vancouver; the airport is at the lower left; and Richmond is the lower center. It takes roughly one hour to get from the bottom to the top of the picture.

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