(In which our essential site policies are explained)

What is this site? is the personal web site of Christian Sauvé. Nothing more. If you want to know about the history of this site, first begin by reading a short site history, which details the evolution of this site with excruciating triviality.  Then, of course, there’s Turning Pro, the oh-so-unimpressive story of how got its .com. Once you’re done, you may want to check out the monthly Site Reports for meaningless details on what happens on this site.


Quotations and comments excepted, everything on this site has been written by Christian Sauvé. You can always re-print reasonable portions of it for academic or critical purposes, but why not Contact me before you do so?  You’ll get nice karmic points and I’ll be pleased beyond belief to know that -hey!- someone reads this stuff.

Book covers are usually original scans from my own collection, while movie posters are usually adapted from those on the Internet Movie Poster Awards web site.  If you want to re-use one of my original photos, please write to me; I’m usually glad to see my pictures do some good elsewhere. One thing I’m not so keen on, however, is hot-linking. I know when it happens and I have implemented various countermeasures to prevent it: don’t do it, or else I can place whatever I want on your site.

Privacy Policy has no privacy policy. I use WordPress-managed cookies to recognize frequent contributors and Google-managed third-party cookies for Web Analytics purposes (ie; anonymous web site usage statistics) and save for whatever is in the web site logs, the only way for me to get personal information from you is through voluntary identification on comments or the contact page.

Do note that anything sent though that contact page is fodder for quotation and comment in the month’s Site Reports page. I never republish anyone’s email address, but I reserve the right to mention if a “celebrity” (by which I usually mean the author of a book I have reviewed) wrote in.