With Google around, there really isn’t any reason at all to keep a “Links” page on a web site. It reeks of mid-nineties web design. But, oh well, I’ve never been cool. So there it is:

  • Google: Yes! I dare include a wholly useless link to Google!

Morning news sources

Here’s my first Mozilla bookmark group of the day.

  • Google News: The state of the world in thirty seconds.
  • Yahoo! News – Most-emailed content : What is fascinating people at the moment?
  • Google Blog Search: The state of the blog-ooooh-sphere.
  • Reddit and Boing Boing: What, me a nerd?

Science Fiction

Never mind that SF never predicted the Net: It took control of it! Here’s the handful of sites worth bookmarking for an up-to-the-moment look at the field:

  • Locus Online: As close to a “website of record” that the field has at the moment.
  • SF Signal: See their “beaming tower of SF news” logo? No lies.
  • John Scalzi: The quintessential SF-author’s-blog.
  • Making Light: Great content, terrific community.
  • Nick Mamatas: Every day needs a contrarian moment! Speaking of which, have a look at Cheryl Morgan‘s blog…
  • IO9: Still on the fence regarding this one: Is it a slick multimedia look at the field or a sensationalistic link-begging for-profit venture? Why not both? But then what about

Favourite authors

I read… hmm… a lot. Here are a few authors I like:

Local sites

In the Ottawa/Hull area: Things I know, places I go…

  • The National Capital Freenet: My usual E-Mail/Newsgroups hangout.
  • OC Transpo: Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with public transit?
  • My one true bookstore is Perfect Books, a wonderful independent bookstore on Ottawa’s Elgin Street. But there are times when it’s not enough, and whenever that’s the case, my bookstore-away-from-my-bookstore is
  • Ottawa Film-Can: The Ottawa-area movie scene


Hollywood, holyweird…

Essential software

Don’t install a system without them.

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